Why is the waste not being recycled & how will the facility impact recycling efforts in Wiltshire?

The Northacre Facility will turn thousands of tonnes of the region’s commercial and industrial residual waste into low carbon energy that would otherwise be buried in landfill sites or needlessly exported to Europe as fuel for similar EfW facilities.

Residual waste is waste material which is left over after economically recyclable material has been removed from the waste stream.

It is right that society aims to achieve very high levels of recycling. The Northacre facility does not hinder or compete with recycling efforts, but instead goes hand in hand by providing a solution to non-recyclable commercial and industrial  residual waste. However, even with policy intervention and increased recycling in Wiltshire and the surrounding regions, over 200,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial residual waste will still require a disposal solution by 2035, which should not include landfill.