Where will the waste come from?

The sources of the residual waste will include industries, businesses and trade premises, such as shops and restaurants, collectively called commercial and industrial wastes.  It will also include residual household waste, including from the adjacent waste treatment facility.

The focal point for the source of the waste will be commerce, industry and households within Wiltshire. Waste will also be sourced from neighbouring authority areas and surrounding region.

This catchment is consistent with the application site’s strategic allocation in the Waste Plan, noting that the Plan expects that: strategic facilities will serve either large areas within, or the entire Plan area. Additionally, they may also serve areas of Wiltshire and Swindon and surrounding local authorities in a more sub-regional context.

 The strategic site concept is consistent with national Government strategy which specifically acknowledges that there is nothing in the legislation or the proximity principle that says accepting waste from another council, city, region or country is a bad thing and indeed in many cases it may be the best economic and environmental solution.